Sunday, January 26, 2014

Artistic Advancement Post 14

     Hello fellow bloggers! This week was midterm week. Some went well, others, not so much. What can you do though right? I'm determined to try harder this semester. The same goes for my twenty time project. As the date of my presentation comes closer, I'm determined to make my drawings better and better. 
     The hardest thing for me is finding something to draw! It takes so long. I hate that I can't come up with anything on my own, but I haven't grown that much. I really hope to eventually be able to just sit down and let my ideas flow. I know I'm creative, I've just never been able to express it in a drawing sort of way. 
    This week I decided to draw a cool sun face because…well just because. Here's the picture I used:
     Not too simple, but not too difficult. I thought I could handle it. You decide with this result:
    Faces are extremely hard to draw. That stupid nose and mouth I must have erased 50 times. And I still couldn't get it. I know that faces are hard to draw for anyone, but I didn't think it's that hard! 
Until next time,



  1. Hello Brendan. I'm Alexis, a student in a graduate course at University of St.Joseph. Part of our class this semester is to follow and comment on a blog, and I chose yours because I really liked your topic. As a creative person, I sympathize with your struggle to find a focus and an outlet for the energy inside of you. I went through something similar in high school. I think the best way past any kind of a creative block is to go out into the world and just observe. People, places, whatever; just take in something new. If you lock yourself into a room with a sketchbook, well you can focus on your work... but without new sights and ideas, you eventually get stale! Don't worry so much about new and original ideas (someone about 8 centuries ago complained that there were no new ideas) but instead do what you did with your lovely sun picture: find an idea you like and make it your own, or reinterpret in it some way.

    And you're right about how had faces are to draw; that's a big reason why nearly every art teacher has at least one portrait assignment a year.

    Good luck in the new semester, and I look forward to reading your blog!


  2. the detail on the lips! Just incredible!